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"gram girl" my favorite instagram posts

story time

back in November, my old old friend from high school (like, loosely a friend and more of an instagram girl crush) Abigail and I met at communal for coffee in Oceanside. We showed up in crew neck sweatshirts and gold earrings and hit it off instantly talking about the best things. Skipping the typical drag of "so what've you been up to the last 5 years?" we launched into art and ideas and inspiration, instagram, painting, drawing, style, clothes, sex and the city, good music, theater--it was stunning. Abigail showed me the content she's made for other brands and we hatched the idea of her doing work on my instagram feed. I had no brand, no vision and no idea what to post. I'm so unbelievably amazed by what we've created together, it's like a DREAM to see all these photos and realize its me and my art (but ALL her eye)

Enjoy the fruits of all Abigail's favorite photos we've taken:

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