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Soft and dreamy! I create these portraits with watercolor paint and thicker lines. These are for the gallery wall enthusiast and art lover. The detail level is higher but sometimes I take artistic liberties in leaving out or simplifying features. Think more “art piece” than “portrait” for this style! 


These commissions can be based off any type of photo, so feel free to get creative. I’ve seen some beautiful pictures come my way that I am totally inspired by!! I put my heart into every portrait and it’s SO Soooo special for me to share in the memories that each photo captures. 


NOTE: after purchasing, please email the photo (send a couple if needed) + your name + shipping address and order number to I base the portraits off of one photo typically, but I can make small adjustments and variations. Feel free to send special requests or instructions + if you want names & dates added at the bottom! It’s best to get all the information from you right away. 

Once art is approved + mailed it cannot be modified or remade/refunded.


The process will take 2-4 weeks to create and ship.

Watercolor Line Style

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